From An Abuse Survivor

I was abused as a child, physically, not sexually.  I would add mentally to that too, though whether that was the persons intention or just a side effect can be debated.  I had a whole paragraph written as an intro and then deleted it, much as all the other posts that I’ve written in the past few months.  Thrown away or never finished.  Dreams turning into nightmares, frustration and fear, all rearing up more intensely than I’ve felt in years, all telling me that this would be my next post.  Some of you won’t even read this, others will quit part way through leaving a small majority to finish.  The motivations for this may be varied, from lack of interest to feelings too personal but regardless it doesn’t really matter.  I write this for me less than for you and for the hope that some who have been in the places I’ve been or worse will be honest about the impact that this has had upon them and their families.  I hope that they seek help before it’s too late, before it ruins relationships or costs them their life.  [Read more…]

You Never Forget

“You never forget that sound,” words spoken to me by a person who lost someone close, more a mother to them than a friend.  They were talking about hearing the family mourning, that instant when they are forced to realize that their loved one has died and the cry that always follows.  To those who have never been present for that moment, may you never be, because those of us that have witnessed it will never forget. [Read more…]

Wash Away Your Free Speech With SOPA!

Tomorrow many of the sites that you visit will participate in a temporary blackout in protest of the SOPA/PIPA legislation that will be voted on by Congress.  In case you haven’t paid attention, the long and the short of it comes down to the government and Hollywood trying to censor the internet.  I have provided links to some sites that explain it better than I could.


Why we as bloggers should be against SOPA/PIPA

Fight For the Future video explanation

This link could get me shut down and the creator could be jailed. (PS it’s a really good music performance.)

The justification for this legislation is weak at best.  We all remember the “DVD’s are going to kill the movie industry” panic.  Then it was MP3 players, then Netflix was going to kill the movie theater industry…this is just another panic attack from an industry that has had little to panic over in reality.  Please fight this affront against your rights by clicking this link.

Just Call Me Bob

Shortly after my bout with a combination of strep throat and mononucleosis that left me out of the EMS and blogging realm for nearly 3 months, I was struck by another awful disease.  Writers block.  Fingers to keys I couldn’t figure out anything to post about, until tonight.  Tonight I write about Bob, my all too frequent friend.  The stunk up, stuck up, drugged out, drunk looking for a ride to help, who never seems to get out of his funk.  This time I’m writing from Bob’s point of view, I think it’s an interesting take I’ve been meaning to explore and it should remind us that even if we think we know someone, we should always take a second to remember that we never truly know a person until we have walked in their shoes. [Read more…]

Service and Dedication

One of my favorite quotes goes as follows: “True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic.  It is not the courage to surpass others at whatever cost, but the courage to serve others at whatever the cost.”  -Arthur Ashe.

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Do You Have a Helicopter Fetish?

Be honest, when you see an aero medical response unit hovering just over head, does your heart skip a beat?  Are you stirred to grab your cell phone to take a picture?  Do you fantasize about landing ‘The Bird’ before you’ve even gotten on scene?  Well it sure seems that way if you work in EMS.  I often wonder if most of the Medvac activation’s are partially because the people on the scene wanted to see them one more time.

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Casey Anthony and the Story of America

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder charges.  This may enrage you but I’ll be honest, it really doesn’t even stir my coffee.  Now don’t get me wrong, Caylee’s death was sad and if Casey was responsible for it then she deserves to be punished…however, her acquittal does little to create a ‘where’s the justice’ bone in my body.  Caylee will be forgotten soon enough, just like Jon Benét Ramsey or Natalee Holloway.  Doomed to be brought up in a Trivial Pursuit game like Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

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Reporting Animal Abuse

As EMS providers we are often privy to the inner sanctum of patients houses.  We see the good, the bad and the oh so ugly. Sometimes that’s a pair of spandex that never should have left the store.  Other times it’s abuse.  We all know when and how to report child abuse but what about animal abuse?

The Name of the Game is Consequences

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Ryan Dunn, one of the stars of Jackass the movies, died in a car crash on the 20th of June.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding the crash over many different topics but really if you break it down to the simplest level, it’s all about choices.  The choices he made leading up to the wreck were his and his passengers alone, fortunately.

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Your Just Too New…

Driving down the highway I could see some emergency vehicles parked on the shoulder of the opposing lanes, just over the concrete divider.  I quickly found a turn around and pulled through, I was directed to park just ahead of those already on scene.  Despite being early spring I could still see my breath as I stood at the back of the rig, gathering items I may need.  I directed my partner to get the truck warmed up and throw some saline bags on the dash, also to make sure that the BVM was on the stretcher and the intubation kit was ready and set up.  “We need to be ready as soon as they hit the stretcher,” I said. [Read more…]